Wintop Auxiliary Equipment

More and More customers not only need a coffee roaster but also need complete coffee equipment for their business. Purchase auxiliary equipment from other places takes a long time and spent more money,  finally found the equipment not fit to the roaster. 

To cater to customers’ different requirements, Wintop Coffee Roasters provides a wide range of auxiliary equipment for your business.

Each of the auxiliary equipment made out at the same quality level as our roasters, they are more durable and capable work with our roasters to deliver you the best user-experiences.

Food level 304 Stainless Steel made with powerful fan motor and sight glass,  fan speed can be adjusted. Capacities are available in : 15kg, 20kg, 30kg, 40kg and 60kg. 

An electrostatic smoke eliminator could help to remove smoke produced from coffee roasters.  Simple operation, Easy to clean and maintain. Models are available in: Tabletop type and hanging style

If you want to remove both smoke and odor produced from roasters, or if you want to remove smoke from a large volume roaster, such as a 10KG or larger roaster, then this afterburner is the best choice.

Commercial coffee grinder is fully made of  304 stainless steel with cast iron burr, capacity from 20kg – 40kg per hour. Adjustable thickness, mesh number from 50 to 200 mesh.

Green Coffee Conveyor normally equipped with a bigger capacity coffee roaster. The stainless steel carrying tubes can be lengthened or shortened to suit customer installation conditions.

Used to all plastic film sealing and bag making, including aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, laminated bags, and other materials for pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, daily chemical,  and other kinds of liquid.

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