WS-15 Automatic Coffee Roasting Equipment

 WS-15 Automatic commercial coffee roaster is designed to provide the advanced technology, for those who really understand and appreciate quality,repeatbility, consistency,and for those who deserve the best. 



● Double walled carbon steel drum achieves gentle and even roast.
● Data logger: Santoker developped coffee roasting profiling software
● Brand new high performance responsive burner for precise roasting
● Sight glass, samper spoon and two thermocouples for continuous
● Higher grade insulation layer around drum retains heats only to drum
● Drum speed control
● Emergency Stop button
● Simultaneous roasting and cooling.
● Separated cooling tray with cooling mixing arms for repaid cooling
● Separated large volume chaff collection cyclone for effective chaff
● Easy to operation and maintain
● Software: Roasting Recipe storage for repeatability

High Performance Burner

Our Engineer team works hard to keep developing the high-performance heating
burner. We have recently upgraded our previous burner to brand new, it produces strong fire flame and evenly heating to the
drum, plus the durable insulation layer around the drum, you can maximum get heats only for beans to save fuel.

Precision Control

Real-time control of your roasting curve with our own developed software.
Touch-screen display and friendly user interface allow you to monitor your roast in real-time and save specific roasting profiles.
We only use the highest-quality components and professional metal pieces process to keep precision

Double Walled Drum

Our 6kg coffee roasting equipment drum is made of double walled carbon steel alloy.
When gas is ignited, hot air fills full in the gap between the outer and inner layers quickly, the hot air is around the inner drum, this avoid the beans in the drum closest to he burner are subjected to a higher emperature than beans away from the burner, this gives very even heat to the coffee beans

WS-15Master Specifications

Model No.: WS-15A
Capacity per batch : 500g-15kg
Roasting time: 12-18 minutes/per batch
Capacity per hour: 60kg
Heating source: NG/LPG/Prone
Voltage: Single phase 220V 50/60HZ
Power: 2000W
Machine Dimension: 142*85.5*185cm
Machine Weight: 850kg
1. Automatic green beans feeding device
2. 15kg destoner
3. Afterburner

WS-15 Master Video

Standout Features

Real-time safety monitoring

In case of failure of ignition or sudden flameout, the roaster will automatically cut off the gas source and turn on the safety alarm.

Built-in temperature probe

Integrated design ensures real-time feedback within the drum to keep the hot-air temperature/bean temperature at any time.

Straight fire-row gas burner

It gives you the firepower you crave, with stability beyond imagination.

Data Logger

Mobile App software (goroasters, roastmaster) wifi connection and USB computer works with Artisan software for data logger.

Adjustable Drum Speed

Precise speed adjustment controls the heat transfer ratio of hot air, allowing the roastmasters to explore the fun of  roast freely.

70% of hot air roasting

Full strong hot air gives the coffee beans the heat energy, during the development period to accumulate the aroma.

Wintop Auxiliary Equipment



Green bean feeding device

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