WS-500Master Automatic Coffee Roaster

Officially designated roaster for the World Coffee Roasting Competition China Qualifier

Standout Features

● Available in Gas and Electric types.
● Wifi-connection to Mobile phone ( or Pad) APP for creating and repeating roasting profiles.
● App Software operation or 7” Siemens touch screen control panel operation.
● Automatic repeat roasting profiles.
● Drum speed control, Reset button for touch screen, hot air pressure gauge.
● Factory-made high-quality fire row – direct burner for effective heating, fuel-saving.
● High-grade insulation layer for keeping heat inside the drum
● Non-stop roasting from 100g-700g
● Manual and Electric controls of airflow to maximize coffee taste
● Auxiliary LED Lamp magnifying glass
● Machine warming up automatically
● Smoke filter is optional


  • Model No.: WS-500Master
  • Batch Capacity: 100g-700g green coffee beans
  • Roast Time: 10-15 miniutes/batch
  • Heating Type: LPG/NG/Propane
  • Gas Pressure: LPG: 2.8KPA, NG: 1.2KPA
  • Machine Power: 205W
  • Heating Power: 4KW (Electric Model)
  • Voltage: Single Phase 220V,50/60HZ
  • Data Logger: Available
  • Machines Dimensions 75*60*85cm
  • Machine Weight: 65kg
  • Package: Plywood box

Touch Screen Operation

This 7” touch screen Integrated with basic operation buttons, like on/off, heating, cooling, warm-up, and setting.
You could operate it like a manual type create your first roasting curve. It not only records each of your roasting event on times and temperatures: drop green beans, yellow, First crack, second crack End, but ROR for BT and ET, overall roasting profiles. You could set up or change airflow and heat
at any time you want.
In one word, it concentrates all the roasting information you
need which helps you greatly improve work efficiency.

APP Software Control

We keep upgrading APP software to better user-experience.
App software connects machine by Wifi, once you open your machine, then open your WLAN on mobile phone or pad, you can find “Santoker R500”, then click it to connect your device.
App software operation is much more popular than touch screen operation. Customers don’t have to stay with machine while roasting, the mobile phone or pad like a remote control, they can control the roast anywhere Wifi overed.
Our App software could save any of your roasting profile automatically, you can overwrite, share and export roasting profiles.

Hot Air Pressure Gauge

Controlling airflow is very important during roast. Normally,
for WS-500Master, we control airflow is only by manual damper or Electric damper on APP.
But once you forget to clean up the exhaust pipe and exhaust fan motor in time, the dust and chaff may block the pipe or motor, or if you meet the bad weather (like strong wind, heavy rain etc.), you may not get exact pressure value by manual damper or Electric damper.
Then the hot air pressure gauge can help you get the real airflow pressure value in any condition, that makes your roast more precisely.

Hot Air Pressure Gauge
High Performance gas burner

High Performance Burner

WS-500 adopts an improved high-performance direct-fire row burner to fix the flaws of controllability and stability by
the previous normal burner. Fire flame is powerful to provide the even heats to drum. Temperature rise can be reached 16℃/minute, the first crack can be finished within 8 minutes.

The Secret Of Champion Roaster

WS-500 Simple coffee roaster provides classic multiple heat sources, generate rich flavor. 70% hot air heat transfer ratio, fully around coffee beans inside the drum.

Carbon steel alloy drum without shaft helps produce rich flavors

Silver skin droped from beans and the smoke are driving out by powerful hot air, leave beans with clean flaveor.

WS-500Master Photo Gallery

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