Electrostatic Smoke Eliminator

Electrostatic Smoke Filter help you remove the smoke produced by coffee roasters

Electrostatic Smoke Filter

When you use a coffee roaster, there is always smoke, smell, and dust, which can have a negative impact on the environment of the company and the people living nearby. To help our customers clean the roasting environment, we offer an alternative electrostatic smoke filter that can absorb  90% or above of the smoke and dust particles. Our electrostatic smoke eliminator is designed as a two-in-one smoke eliminator and work table function, which is simple to use, easy to clean and maintain, and saves space. Small-type coffee roasters can be directly placed on top of the smoke eliminator. Wintop provides different types of smoke filters which suitable for 200g, 300g,500g, 3kg, and 6kg coffee roasting machines.


● Model No. : T3
● Name: Table type Smoke Filter
● For 200g,300g,500g,1.5kg,2kg, and 3kg coffee roaster use.
● Power: 150W
● Rate of smoke elimination:90% or above
● Electrical Power: Single phase, 220V/ 50 or 60Hz
● Machines Dimensions 100*61*61cm
● Machine Weight: 90kg
● Package Plywood: Plywood
● Package Dimension: 108*67*81 cm cm
● Gross Weight:110kg

Smoke filter with coffee roaster

How does it work ?

 From the view of the schematic diagram, the dirty smoke air may together with the coffee chaff, through the filter system and finally get the clean air out of the pipe. Only leaves parts of coffee aroma smell in your coffee shop or your roastery.

Easy to clean and maintain

After using the filter sometimes, you just need to open the filter box door and pull out of ion filter and filter screen to brush away the dust chaff or oil or wash it into water. But you need to keep the ion filter and filter screen dried before you Install it back to the electrostatic filter machine. No need more works to maintain.

Smoke filter T3

Similar type Smoke Filter

This table-type smoke filter is no gas required and easy to install. It works as the worktable for our small roasters 200g,300g,500g,600g,1kg, and 2kg coffee roasters sit on, it’s space-saving.

The smoke filter has a variable control for air pressure, so that
machine can be fine turned for most effective treatment of
smoke emmissions.

Ion filter system built-in its cabinet:
Electrostatic Filter – For treatment of smoke
Carbon Block Filter – for treating odours
Pre and Post filter – for capturing particulates

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