About Wintop Coffee Roaster

Meet the team

Wintop coffee roaster specializes in supplying superior quality commercial coffee roasting equipment, Electrostatic Smoke Filter, coffee grinder, coffee package machine, and coffee accessories at affordable prices and fast delivery time in order to meet your particular business requirements. 

Barista and coffee roasting champions used Wintop coffee
roasters and they are excited about our roasters with
new technology and upgrades more options to the coffee roasters on their requests. We are proud to implement new technology that gives you the chance to roast beans with more controls.

We much concern about our customers and only provide the highest level of service, quality products and professional advice. Our skilled people with rich experiences support you to be successful in the coffee field in any way we can.

Product advantages

The biggest advantage of us is that we keep upgrading our products to the latest advanced technology to deliver customers better user-experiences.

We use the best materials to build up durable and capable roasters for longer service life.

Wide range of coffee roasters (from 50g to 120kg) and Auxiliary equipment for options.

Manual type, Automatic type, Gas type,Electric-type, hot air roasters, drum roasters for options.

Professional technical support and fast response are essential.

Our sales network

Because of our high-quality products and professional services, our clients are rapidly covering: the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Norway, Slovakia, Ukraine, Greece, Ireland, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Russia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. more than 45 countries. 

We have won a very good reputation around the world.

Wintop Contact Information

Who can I speak to when I need spare parts? Who in the Wintop team is responsible for training and maintaining, and who can answer any of your questions before or after-sales? We have listed all the relevant contact persons for you here, so you always know who to speak to.

Alice Wang

Head of Sales Team
Phone (WhatsApp, WeChat):
+86183 3838 0930
 Email: sales8@wintopmachinery.com

Rebecca Ji

Sales Rep.
Phone (WhatsApp, WeChat):
+86 159 3773 8926
 Email: order@wintopmachinery.com

Carrie Wen

Sales Manager
Phone (WhatsApp, WeChat):
+86 182 0385 0626
 Email: sales@wintopmachinery.com

Doris Chen

Sales Manager
Phone (WhatsApp, WeChat):
+86 1763 776 7980
 Email: Doris@wintopmachinery.com

Purchasing Steps

Customers visit the website first and then send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form. our sales rep. will quote the price and product’s detailed information to the clients after getting the purchase information. after both sides confirm all the transaction details, the client will give us the final order.

After the factory has finished producing the goods, they will be sent to the customer’s country by sea or by air.

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@wintopmachinery.com”