WK-30 30kg Industrial Gas Coffee Roaster Equipment

Our 30kg commercial coffee roaster is durable and capable enough to produce the best quality coffee batch after batch.


● 304 Stainless steel drum with the special mixing blades to ensure the best blending and even roast.
● Cooling tray is built separated from roast main unit.
● High-quality stainless steel cooling tray with bin agitator
● Factory-made high-quality burner for effective heating, fuel-saving.
● High grade double-walled insulation layer for keeping heat inside the drum
● Sight glass, burner window glass, sampler spoon and the real-time temperature displays for accurate monitoring during roasting.
● Programmable Temperature preset with alarm feature & manual settings.
● Four high-quality motors to control drum, hot air volume, Cooling tray, and Cooling mixing.
● Non-stop roasting from 10kg-35kg
● Auxiliary LED Lamp attached
● 2-in-1 Ground legs and Casters for easy moving and balancing the machine.
● USB Data logging: Artisan, Cropster


● Model No. : WK-30
● Batch Capacity: 10-35kg 
● Roasts per hour: 4-5
● Roast time: 15-20 minutes
● Capacity per Hour: 120-140kg
● Heating Source: Natural Gas/Propane/LPG
● Electrical Power: Three-phase 380V/ 50or 60Hz
● Data Logger: Artisan, Cropster
● Machines Dimension: 227*118*241.5 cm
● Double-walled drum: Available (option) 
● Package Plywood: Plywood

30g industrial coffee roaster

Durable Drum Structure

The drum is the most important part of the coffee roaster, WK-30 drum is made of food level 304 stainless steel, single-layer drum thickness is 8 mm. The brackets are thick enough welded inside the drum which keeps the drum more stable to last its service life for many years to come. The special mixing blades design makes coffee beans inside the drum well-mixed. Single-layer drum and double-walled drum (15mm) for options, customers could choose what they prefer.

Gas Burner can be converted

WK gas burner made in high quality and produces strong fire flame to fit different roasting requirements,  fire flame can be adjusted to weak or strong by adjusting the gas gauge knob.  It is can be converted from LPG ( NG) to NG (LPG) by replacing nozzles.  wherever you want to use LPG or move to a place for NG, WK gas roasters follow up you in roasting anywhere.

15kg cooling tray with cover

Cooling Tray

To get roasted coffee beans cool down in a faster time, we designed a cooling tray diameter at 950mm, a large cooling tray works with a powerful cooling tray motor to get roasted beans cool down within 2 minutes. And its made of fully 304 stainless steel without any painting. (All the parts on machine contact beans directly, we do not use any painting). Cooling tray with cover and Cooling tray without cover for options.

OMRON and SIEMENS brand parts

WK-30 control panel plate is made of 304 stainless steel, we use Omron temperature controllers and Siemens big buttons which give customer better-operation experience and no worries about broken.


Date Logger - Artisan and Cropster

WK-30 achieves computer USB works with Artisan software for data logger.
WK-30 is also able to integrate with cropster software for data logging.

WK-30 Photo Gallery

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