WS-3 Speciality Coffee Roaster

Our specialty commercial coffee roaster makes your roast better

Standout Features

●  Available in Manual and Automatic, Gas and Electric types.
●  Double-walled drum with the mixing blades to ensure the best blending and even roast.
●  High-quality stainless steel cooling tray with bin agitator
●  Factory-made high-quality burner for effective heating, fuel-saving.
●  Self-ignition with adjustable heat controls
●  High-grade insulation layer for keeping heat inside the drum
●  Four high-quality motors to control drum, hot air volume, Cooling tray, and Cooling mixing.
●  Non-stop roasting from 500g-3200g
●  Manual controls of airflow to maximize coffee taste
● Auxiliary LED Lamp magnifying glass
●  Vacuum pressure gauge for options
●  One key machine warming up function
●  2-in-1 Mobile Phone Bluetooth and Computer USB work with Artisan Software for Data logging
●  gas gauge knob lock function which avoid any possible misoperation
●  Smoke filter is optional


●Model No.: WS-3
●Roasting Capacity:0.5kg-3.2kg
●Roasting Time: 10-15 minutes/per drum
●Heating Source: LPG/NG/PROPANE/Electric
●Voltage: Single Phase 220 V, 50/60 Hz
●Power: 500W
●Heating Power: 8000W (Electric model only)
●Temperature Range: 0-300C
●Machine Dimension:112*73*125 cm
●Machine Weight: 180kg
●Package: Plywood

double walled drum

Double Walled Drum

WS-3 is released by a double-layer drum coffee roaster,the drum is made of two layers of carbon steel alloy, drum’s total thickness is 10 mm. Carbon steel alloy has a better diathermancy than stainless steel. When it starts heating up,
the hot air quickly full fill in the gap between two layers, the inner drum is surrounded by hot air, and the hot air can evenly through the inner drum to beans for doing roasting to achieve gentle and evenly roast. Thanks to the drum structure design, it makes the beans motion circles perfect inside the drum, thus greatly improving roasting efficiency and quality!

High Performance Burner

Our team work hard for developing high performance
heating burner.It is easy to ignite the fire on burner
and keep it in strong to heat up the drum, plus the
durable insulation layer around the drum, you can
maximum use the heats only to beans which saves the

New Burner

Large Maintenance Access

WS-3 is designed with large maintenance access which is easy to clean and replace parts. If you need to clean or replace the gas pressure meter or the gas burner, you just need to screw off the little bolts on the maintenance access door to finish it. This is a great improvement from our previous model.

Computer USB Work with Artisan

Even we provide a Wifi Connection APP for data logger, our coffee roaster still can achieve computer USB works with Artisan software for data logger. You can choose any way for using data logger.

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