WK-300 300g Sample Roaster

WK 300 g Mini coffee roaster is a gas type roaster specially designed for coffee beans sample roast, home roast, coffee lab roast, coffee enthusiast’s hobby and cocoa beans sample roast etc. 


WK 300 g coffee roaster is the smallest model of series WK roasters, the roasting capacity is from 50 g to 350 g and only gas model is available.  Its drum is made of 304 stainless steel (food level),  the control panel comes with 3 buttons and 1 hot air knob, both manual and electric damper help you well control the hot air precisely.  Real-time digital temperature display, fire flame adjust, powerful cooling system, sampler spoon, data logger plus the efficient smoke system put the roasting machine on commercial quality level.

The whole machine adopts laser-cutting technology and welding process to form the whole frame.It is more durable and capable than using ordinary screws to joint the structure, the parts can not be easy loose and the structure can’t be deformed with time using or long distance transportation.


  • Model No.: WK-300
  • Batch Capacity: 50g-350g green coffee beans
  • Roast Time: 10-15 miniutes/batch
  • Heating Type: LPG/NG/Propane
  • Gas Pressure: LPG: 2.8KPA, NG: 1.2KPA
  • Machine Power: 80W
  • Voltage: Single Phase 220V,50/60HZ
  • Data Logger: Available
  • Machines Dimensions 66* 41.6* 62 cm
  • Machine Weight: 45kg
  • Package: Plywood box


  • Omron temperature controller couples with Germany thermocouple achieve the real-time temperature display and precise temperature control.
  • Both electric and manual damper control the exhaust smoke volume in effiency.
  • Colorful LED metal buttons are more durable than plastic ones.
  • Large fire flame observation glass window
  • Large capacity sampler spoon well check your roasting level during roast.
  • The hopper is made of 304 Stainless steel which is portable and moveable, it keeps coffee beans clean.
  • A coffee bean glass window in front of the roasting room door to check the bean’s color changes during the roast.
  • Moveable cooling tray.
  • An Independent cooling system makes roasted beans cooling down rapidly.

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