WK-2 2kg Stainless Steel Drum Roaster

WK-2 is well built by 304 stainless steel, high-performance burner, precision temperature, and hot air volume control,  4 motors work separately for each single function…


WK 2 kg Coffee roaster is the most popular item for coffee shops, it is available in gas and electric types for options, it maximum can roast 2.5kg green coffee beans.  It is well built by 304 stainless steel drum, high-performance burner, precision temperature and hot air volume control,  4 motors work independently for each single function, low noise…  It delivers you consistent roasting quality and a better user experience.

Single-layer drum and double-walled drum for option.

HotAir Pressure gauge for option.

Cooling tray cover for option.

Simple to operate and easy to clean.


● Model No. : WK-2
● Batch Capacity: 0.5kg-2.5kg
● Roasts per hour: 4-5
● Roast time: 12-18 minutes
● Capacity per Hour: 8 – 12 kg 
● Heating: Electric Natural Gas/Propane/LPG
● Electrical Power: Single phase, 220V/ 50 or 60Hz 
● Data Logger: Available 
● Machines Dimensions: 107*69*97.5 cm
● Smoke Filter: Available (option) 
● Heating Power: 6KW (For electric type only)
● Gas Consumption: 0.4kg/Hr
● Package Plywood: Plywood


Durable Drum Structure

The drum is the most important part of the coffee roaster, WK-2 drum is made of food level 304 stainless steel, single-layer drum thickness is 4 mm. The brackets are thick enough welded inside the drum which keeps the drum more stable to last its service life for many years to come. The special mixing blades design makes coffee beans inside the drum well-mixed. Single-layer drum and double-walled drum for options, customers could choose what they prefer.

The Emergency swivel handle

For WK-2 We have upgraded it with the emergency swivel handle . In case of anything wrong with machine, you can’t continue roasting, or powered off suddenly during your roasting process, you could use this handle rotate drum to
get all beans out of drum quickly.

Maintenance door

Large Maintenance Door, drum speed control, USB port

WK-2 is designed with a large maintenance door on the back of machine which is easy to clean and replace parts.

If you need to clean or replace any electric parts, you just need to screw off the little bolts  by hand on the maintenance access door to finish it. This is a great improvement from our previous model.

Drum speed control and USB port are built-in maintenance doors, customers could easily adjust drum speeds and connect the USB port to the computer for data logging.

Cooling Tray and Cooling Tray Access

Cooling Tray: Its made of fully 304 stainless steel without any painting. (All the parts on machine contact beans directly, we do not use any painting). Cooling tray with cover and Cooling tray without cover for options.

Cooling Tray Access: Cooling tray access is designed by a latch door which is easy to clean up all the space under the cooling tray by one hand.

More Details

More Details highlights Quality

Manual Damper and Electric Damper: Matel type manual damper plus Electric type Damper let you contril air flow more effective ,more precisely.
Debris Tray: Made of by 1.5 mm thickness 304 stainless steel.
Stainless Steel Bearing makes sure machine’s durability.

Gas Pressure knob: We don’t give up each detail to make a
quality roaster. The dial plate and knob are not plastic ones
but a 304 stainless steel one.

Smoke Filter (Option)

This table type smoke filter is no gas required and easy to install. It works as the worktable for our small roasters WK-300, WK-600, WK-1 and WK-2 sit on, it’s space-saving.

The smoke filter has a variable control for air pressure, so that machine can be fine turned for most effective treatment of smoke emmissions.

Ion filter system built-in its cabinet:
Electrostatic Filter – For treatment of smoke
Carbon Block Filter – for treating odours
Pre and Post filter – for capturing particulates

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