WS-Q5 50g Smart Coffee Roaster

Our Sample Roaster is enabling consistent, repeatable roasting by using digital precision. It improves quality, saves time, and encourages collaboration and learning through profile sharing.

It’s also a part of our larger vision. We want to connect the coffee world, make roasting more accessible, and increase knowledge and understanding within the industry.

All this to say, we want to improve coffee, farm to cup. And you can as well. Collaborate, experiment, share.

Additional information

Model No.


Batch Capacity


Heating Source


Roast time

2-6 Miniutes


Single Phase, 220V, 50/60HZ

Machines Dimensions


Product Details:

● Available in Electric-type only.
● Full hot air roasting
● Precision control on hot air temperature, beans temperature and time
● Roast in Consistent and Repeatable
● APP Control and repeat roasting profiles automatically
● Unique design for easy to clean and maintain.
● High – power heating achieves quick roast
● Powerful fan to speed up beans cooling down.
● Small, Portable, and Compact, easy to take.

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